The Emerald Shield is an all-encompassing solution for restoring confidence as communities plan to safely reopen in light of current events. It covers two essential components to help communities emerge stronger than before:

Public Safety:
  • Zero-contact, fast, automated Infrared body temp monitoring disinfection tunnels
  • Sanitizing system that lasts for up to 90 days per application.
  • Alcohol-free Hand sanitizer that lasts up to 6 hrs per application.
  • Laundry Additive that lasts up to 50 washes with one application.
  • Clean Air sanitizing system.
Health & Wellness:
  • Telehealth services coming soon!
  • Wellness Kiosks available 24/7
The Emerald Shield can benefit all sectors of the economy, including but not limited to:
Hand Sanitizer
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Hotels, Resorts
  • Events and Catering Facilities
  • Animal Health Facilities
  • Airlines, Trains, Busses
  • Factories and Manufacturers
  • Government Buildings
  • Retail Space
  • Education
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